Excerpt from the second chapter, ‘One Beautiful Summer’


“Yes, it was a typical fine street for the world citizens of tomorrow. There would be shops with restored country furniture and shops where you could buy herbs, tea and coffee. People would sit outside and talk leisurely, while they had an ice cream or a pumpkin soup. There would be little galleries and small boutiques, a record shop and of course a beer brewery where a former hairdresser who had experience in developing all kinds of lotions, would do the same with beer. In short, the street would be full of shops and stores, galleries and boutiques that would take care of your opinions and morals and offer an attitude in return. We walked back into a nondescript street with hardly any traffic, where we had spotted a Vietnamese restaurant. We sat at an old table. We could see the interior of the kitchen where the cook juggled with a frying pan filled with noodles and vegetables. He sprayed liquid on it from yellow or red plastic bottles. Fumes and sizzles. In Berlin, health inspectors might have given the guy a hard time. We loved it. The restaurant was as basic as it could get. Probably it would disappear in the next years, together with the old market place behind it. But now we were here. Everything was okay. It was a beautiful day. ”

You can get the ePub here 

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